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Welcome to my Home!! I live here with my small family. My mother, wife, and two beautiful children. Our home borders the magnificent Periyar Tiger Reserve. Stay with us and be rejuvenated by the pure air and lush greenery of the forest. Enjoy the beauty of pristine nature. Be a part of our family. Now a bit about our Homestay…

My late father is the inspiration behind our Homestay. I was born in Thekkady… I consider myself lucky to live in this beautiful part of the Western Ghats. I grew up watching my father giving valuable, insider’s knowledge to the foreigners who visited Thekkady/ Periyar Tiger Reserve. As a child, I used to wonder why tourists visited Thekkady. And I used to ask my father what makes Thekkady so extraordinary for tourists. My father was passionate about helping tourists throughout his life. He told me the importance of forests. It’s role in keeping our air pure. He also taught me about the need to share our pristine forest with the rest of the World.

So, stay with us… And explore the captivating beauty of Thekkady from the comfort of our home.